Resume & Job Search Training

Included is a number of useful links to provide a young person with information regarding School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships, Apprenticeship Support Services, Defence Service Trades, Payment Incentives to Employers and Apprentices and local Apprenticeship Centres.


Creating your résumé is the first step to applying for a job. A resume should summarise your qualifications, skills and qualities and help you accquire a job interview.

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Application Writing

Most advertised job positions now require an application letter attached to your resume upon application. This link provides valuable information on how to write an application letter.

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If you are successful with your application the next step in the job seeking procedure is the interview process. This link will assist you with how to present yourself, preparation for answering questions and much more.

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Tips for Preparing for Work

It is recommended that you treat your First Day at work like a job interview and remember first impressions account for a lot. Become aware of what employers and co-workers expectations will be in regard to your attitude, presentation and performance.

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School Leaver Sample Resumes

There are many styles of Resumes to suit different situations. This link provides a large number of sample resumes to suit students who are preparing to leave school, and young people looking for either an entry level position or part time work while they are studying at University.

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