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    Time: For full list of dates - from Nov 15th to Dec 20th - open this link

    Location: Important dates information for Y11 and Y12 students

    Important Dates for Mildura Senior College End of 2016

    Monday November 7 – Year 11 Exams commence
    Monday November 14 – Last Day of Year 11 Exams
    Tuesday November 15 – Head Start Day – Compulsory for all Year 12 2017 Students
    Wednesday November 16 – Head Start Day – Compulsory for all Year 12 2017 Students
    Thursday November 17 – Head Start Day – Compulsory for all Year 12 2017 students
    Friday November 18 – Enrolment for Year 12, 2017 in Pathways Groups
    9.00am to 10.30am – DAT, BKL, EHG, BPN, TBR, GST, GBL, KMR
    11.00am to 12.30pm – MDV, TFL, SJQ, ILV, KMN, WYN, MMN, VVN, RMC
    1.30pm to 3.00pm – RSN, SBY, BSM, TED, TRD, KDW, RWL
    Monday November 21 – Student Interviews as required
    Monday December 19 – College Office closed for the holidays

    Open link for more details:- http://www.milsen.vic.edu.au/resources/2016/Year%2011%20End%20of%20Year%202016.pdf

    MSC Year 11 Exams
    All students will receive an exam timetable early in Term 4.
    Exams are compulsory for all Year 11 students studying any VCE Subjects.
    Year 11 Students doing a Year 12 (Unit 3 and 4 Subject)
    Students completing a Year 12 subject are required to attend classes up to October 19, Term 4 AND
    after this date as stipulated by the teacher.
    Year 11 students studying a Year 12 subject can be excused from their Year 11 class to attend a
    revision session for their Year 12 class if both sessions are on at the same time
    Year 11 students are excused from classes on the day of their Year 12 exam if the exam is on prior
    to November 4..
    If a Year 11 student has their Year 12 exam on the same day as a Year 11 exam, the Year 12 exam
    takes precedence. Students can complete the Year 11 exam at another time.
    A copy of the Year 12 VCE exam timetable can be viewed at