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    Time: 3.00pm

    Location: Sunraysia Community Health Services, Cnr Deakin and Thirteenth Street Mildura

    Free Drug and Alcohol Community Education Programs

    To register, contact Rhys Brymer, Counsellor, Drug Treatment Services on (03) 5022 5444

    Program Outline
    Alcohol: Considering Change

    A 2.5 hour education program addressing the harms associated with alcohol. This program covers the effects of alcohol, potential harms and risks, strategies to reduce risks when consuming alcohol and assisting in making changes to problematic alcohol use and where to access support.
    Cautious with Cannabis

    A 2.5 hour education program originally developed for people who have received a Cannabis Caution from the Police but is also open to anyone aged over 17. Family and friends are also welcome. Key aims of the program are to gain a better understanding of; the effects of cannabis, potential harms of cannabis use, harm reduction strategies, strategies known to assist behaviour change, supports and services available.
    Methamphetamine: Personal Education Program

    A 3 hour education program aimed at developing a better knowledge of your pattern of drug use, potential harms and consequences identify risk factors which influence the use of methamphetamine and strategies to reduce them. Identify relevant AOD treatment and support options.

    Numbers are strictly limited.

    Program Schedule
    Date Program

    Thursday 25th August @ 3.00pm – Alcohol, Considering Change
    Thursday 29th September @ 3.00pm – Cautious With Cannabis
    Thursday 27th October @ 3.00pm – Methamphetamine Personal Education Program
    Thursday 24th November @ 5.30pm – Alcohol, Considering Change
    Thursday 15th December @ 5.30pm – Cautious With Cannabis

    Cost: Free
    Venue: Sunraysia Community Health Services, Cnr Deakin and Thirteenth Street Mildura

    All program participants are required to complete a registration and evaluation form.
    Participants will receive a certificate based on their attendance.